Vacation after vacation


 The Yuletide Season was almost over but then a week after, I manage to book for a holiday trip. I wanted to maximize the holiday season before I go back to work.On to a place away from the city and stress! And i choose Indonesia for the short trip. A destination where I can definitely relax and enjoy the beach.
Every time I go to the beach I make sure that I have a new set of bikini. This time bought a white one. Did you know that white bikinis are considered as one the sexiest? And on top of it,  I believe the color will suit my tan complexion (kayumanggi color). I paired it with a blue green cover up to give a little accent to it. 

Moreover there's one good thing about this trip.... I was my with my honey, TJ! I'm one of the happiest girls this season because he spent the Christmas and New Year with me despite his very busy schedule! That's so sweet of him right? (Will post more photos of our escapades together, Promise!)

Meet US! Tj and Zsanell! We've been together for 6 years now.

We love to take pictures.  And thanks to the guy who invented tripod because we manage to have lots of photos together! Do you also feel the same way?

What can you say?

Soak swimwear, Luscious Closet Cover Up, Pink Tie Finds Bracelets

Please check my photos on Chictopia too!


Getting to know me

We all  want to start our new year with a bang!!! Something new.. something different! Where we usually do our so called "New Years Resolution" and the like. But for me I want to start my year, by doing something that I've always wanted. When I was young, my Mom usually take photos of me wearing, different costumes. See below... (P.S. don't laugh to much because I have no idea what I'm doing! haha)


Ms. Universe wanna be! haha

Singing Philippine National Anthem. LOL

Just want to touch my face.

I love to pose and dress up, simply because we have a lot of costumes at our house. That why during my college years I'm the one who always bring the costumes we need.... haha
And now that I am a lady I want to explore dress up on my own. 

Meet me! haha...

 Just call me Zsanelly. And this year one of my plans is to have my own blog.WRITE and POSE everything I want. I'm not a writer, nor not a fashion icon nor a model all i want is to express myself through wearing clothes that I want. Hopefully I can inspire and meet new people. You will see more "POSE" soon and wishing you'll like it.
Let me of know what you think and hear from you soon!